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i was fortunate enough to meet joe as well, i live on cape cod where a mutual friend had a restaurant, and a plane, and away we went to st. martin, joe if you you see this it was a great time, so sad about bill and pam.... jay f.

Hi.my name is toby russo I'm from belleville nj. Our family comes from newark nj..you guessed it 4 seasons territory....Ihad the pleasure of sharing.lunch twice this month with joe long.and tommy devito at a small cafe in orange nj...my best friend knows the owner and is good friends with tommy and joe...they are 2 great gentlemen and if ya go on facebook and look for me.Tobia Gerard Russo you will see our pic on my main page...Ijust wish when Isee frankie gettin inducted into the nj hall of fame in 2010 why these 2 men weren't inducted either especially the 3 original memebers.tommy bob and nick....take it ez everyone!

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