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One fact in Casey’s blog note may be questionable. 'Walk On Don't Look Back' has the earliest Master Nr of 60516 according to Off The Records - Motown By Master Number 1959-1989 - by Reginald J. Bartlette, PC Ink, MI, 1991 but it also appears as 60960 in the Tape Index.

The Chameleon tracks run 60744 to 60777. Now Master numbers don’t indicate accurately the dates for recording but it seems odd that this is the only track listed on the Tape Index with a supposedly different Master Nr - .in fact 2!!

This could indicate that it was the first track they did upon signing and it was kept back until after 'Chameleon'.???? There are no clues to this in the Bob Gaudio interview and based on the Tape index I guess Casey plumped for a recording after 'Chameleon'.

Ken Charmer

This comment should be seen by Bob Gaudio and Harry Weinger...."Bless you, Ken! Once again a real call-to-arms on the part of music lovers everywhere. The politics behind the music industry seems at time unfathomable, especially when it comes to the potential for making money by releasing the *quality* unissued material so that fans can add to their appreciation and knowledge of their favorite artists, writers and producers. I know that at times musical release is locked up in seemingly interminable court suits over ownership, royalties and rights, but this is with callous disregard for those who have made this music popular and interesting in the first place: the fans. I only wish that as this music becomes less a part of current culture and more a part of history and nostalgia, the parties involved would become less protective of what could well be their dwindling profits as those who remember the music leave the scene for good. Last but not least, let me again thank Ken for keeping the flame alive by reminding us all of what we are missing and also by keeping us informed of what is available and where.

Chris Dolmetsch (USA)

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