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Wow, what an undertaking.

As a fan who has played these records and cds over and over again for all these years I've forgotten how they probably should sound.

Not being an audiofile I have two concerns.

1. The original quality of the vinyls even at their best aren't nearly as good in comparison to, say, the Beatles or Beach Boys recordings. I don't think their studios employed state of the art equipment and I believe that many of these singles were dubbed over and over by Crewe in order to add his "touch" and make them sound good on the radio. Obviously you loose less and less quality as you over-dub.

So, here the expression is that "You can't make chicken salad out of chicken s___t"

2.If you achieve a good quality sound then how will you transfer it? Will digital formats then do them justice??

Can't wait to have access to them. Shouldn't the Partners be doing this????

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