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Casey wrote: "But it also comes down to my allegiance to MY Four Seasons and the lack of respect shown to Gerry/Lee/Don and John…..The NEW Four Seasons we grew to love back in 1975 and 76."

Understand this is the basic story of the "Original" Four Seasons, Frankie, Nick, Bob and Tommy. The group that had 5 Number One records out of their first three releases. The fourth record just missed being a number 1.

"The mis-portrayal of these guys in the presentation of Who Loves You and December ’63 continues to rankle with me."

This was a theatrical way to get two of their later songs recognized by fans in the show. It does not change the story line, they are just added songs. Even if they were not written at the time they are presented in the story..call it artistic license. The other option would be to leave them out, and that would not be good.

Enjoy the movie for what it is,the basic story... and the possibility it will introduce younger fans to the music we love...

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