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It is not often that we come across a programme well researched and told by top DJ's in an entertaining and engaging podcast that you can enjoy or download. Last week Part One of this two Part Series hit the internet and it is highly recommended to all Four Seasons fans. This is their introduction.

This is part one of our two-part salute to a group whose incredible career has been celebrated on stage and screen in “The Jersey Boys.” They’re the Four Seasons. We’ll chronicle all of their hit singles, as we track their tunes – collectively as a group – and individually as soloists from the 1953 to 2020.

On this episode, we’ll cover their music through the year 1966. We’re joined by one of our frequent guest experts – Nay Nassar – a leading authority on 1950s and 1960s vocal groups. And our resident Rockologist, Ken Deutsch, has sage perspectives on how the Four Seasons developed their distinctive sound. Plus, more of Ken’s customary factoids, including the Four Seasons unique connections with the Beatles and the Beach Boys. And Radio Dave will have more of the greatest rock and roll stories on record. Including some truly rare and scratchy answer songs by other artists who pressed platters in response to some of the Four Seasons greatest hits. Then there’s also the genesis of Frankie Valli’s solo career while simultaneously serving as the lead singer on almost all Four Seasons hit singles.”

The punchy DJ and Factoid experts fire facts from the early years of their career and feature all the hits in context as well as elements of the backing work pre Four Seasons and the key work of the members. The Unusual Instruments feature focused on Bob Crewe production style is really good

The Guys who research produce and deliver it have good credentials. "Radio Dave” Milberg is the host according to his biography, since 1965 he has worked as a DJ at stations 9n Detroit, Ann Arbor, Cincinnati (hence the reference to WLW-AM on this podcast), Chicago, Sarasota and Bradenton. He is also a lawyer.
Ken Deutsch is a former disc jockey, former TV director and former owner of a recording studio that specialized in radio jingles.

As Music Detectives and collectors ourselves we have our own observations that are not criticisms, but just observation of the sound and factoids presented. It is not easy to assemble so much specialty knowledge in such a format and get everything right. We found only one error and that is that the Four Seasons-Beach Boys 'Duet' of 'East Meets West was a 1984 release and not 1980.

The presentation of so many works they backed artists on in Bob Crewe's collection of artists is really well summarised with great tracks as is the well presented 'road from 1953 to The Four Seasons birth' [but not in it's timeline in the presentation]

And it would have been good to have had the Four Seasons 'HITS” samples in MONO instead of STEREO [as they were heard in MONO on radio at the time]. But as these are not generally available except on the Jersey Beat Box Set from 2007[and these are poor quality MONO versions] STEREO was probably the only choice possible until the Snapper Box Set comes out later this year.

The only major factual error is that Tommy's debt problems with the Mafia did not arise in 1965 . They were uncovered in 1968/69. Frankie Valli going solo and creating the Wonder Who to pay the bills is not correct. Frankie always wanted a solo career and Philips were he and Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio started recording him solo on Smash Records. Also the Wonder Who concept was an accidental novelty track during recording and Philips wanted it released but not to compete with 'Let's Hang On' in 1965 when it was flying high into the charts. Hence The Wonder Who.

Don't miss this, it is highly recommended. Click this link.

Part 2 is coming next week

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