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The Future Of 'STEREO' Sound Is 'Upmixing'?

As our Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons Project [with Snapper Music] to create a catalogue spanning box set enters 'Mastering' we are already looking around as what is needed to improve on it in future projects . As well as tape sources we know with potential unreleased tracks, there are some new approaches to the way we hear the sound of our favourite group. The technology of the first half of the 60s left the STEREO albums 'very' separate in terms of the VOCALS as Frankie became separated from the group on the STEREO versions of their albums.

But today there is a NEW approach which seeks to give us, now and in the future,  a better listening experience, particularly on headphones. They call it 'Upmixing'........Experts are using Artificial Intelligence [AI] to pick apart classic recordings from the 40s, 50s and 60s, isolate the instruments, and stitch them back together in crisp, bold ways.

Well we are not experts but we KNOW the Four Seasons SOUND and the catalogue.

WIRED Magazine covered the approach being taken by STEREO enthusiasts and Engineers with new skills earlier this year....

Specialist work by dedicated DES Engineers on the BSN Forum has shown what can be done with The Beatles and Beach Boys Catalogue and many other classic 45 releases from the 60s. Our resident Studio Researcher Casey Chameleon has got involved and created several classic Four Seasons tracks as DEMOS until a project for a full REVISED set of STEREO versions is available. That will take much studio time and the use of a top DES Engineer and we know a few but as we can't wait for Bob and Frankie to spend the money on hiring one so we have created our own very interesting DEMOS. The aim was to emulate the single version with the Four Seasons centred vocally with Frankie, with drums to the left, and instruments to the right. This can be best  heard on headphones in the results we have created as new mixes. 

We will feature some of these on You Tube and in our FB pages over the next few months as rare and collectible versions for members. We start with a song never produced in STEREO. But here is an example of what the AI software can do to create STEREO from MONO in a way never before possible.

The magnificent single of 'Ronnie'. A nice NEW STEREO mix in the style we believe Bob Crewe would have done it if the multi-tracks had survived.


 And in our research we have seen who lost the multi-tracks......Frankie Valli haha.....

Tapes small[Photo courtesy of George Schowerer - Mirasound Studios 1967]

A Happy Thanksgiving to all our members.




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